Essay Writing Process Challenges Of A Bilingual Student

Essay Writing Process Challenges Of A Bilingual Student

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Writing Process Challenges of a Bilingual Student
From professional writers to casual writers, they all experience different type of challenges in their writing process; for me, it was a “double whammy” because I am bilingual. I am fluent in English and Spanish. English was my first language as a child. However, it became my second language when my family moved to Puerto Rico for personal reasons; and I started attending school. In other words, all my education has been in Spanish since first grade through second year of college. English Composition 122 was a big challenge for me. It challenged me to confront my fear of failure, and to test my writing skills. As a bilingual student, I experienced three main challenges in the English writing process: Lack of Confidence, Language and Writer 's block.
Lack of confidence is one of my greatest challenges in the writing process. Probably is the number one challenge many skilled writers face too. In Module One, one of the assignments was to write a journal that contemplated our experience as a writer. I was nervous for this first assignment because I did not have the confidence in myself to compose a journal let alone an essay in Modules to follow. Getting the journal off the ground was difficult in many ways to due poor organize of thoughts and/or ideas, what to share or not to share, and forming well-structured sentences with great word choice; these road blocks were a confidence “killer”. After reflecting on my writing struggles, I did realize that I have something to write about, something that would benefit others facing the same struggles as me. As some of my peers suggested, I began writing the journal from the heart. As I wrote, I felt a little confidence growing on me. I belie...

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...ssay. The visual organizer helped me see the big picture, from start to finish.
As a bilingual academic writer; if I were to state in one sentence what I learned in this class, I would say, “English Composition 122 taught me how to write precise and concise so the audience have clarity in my writing piece.” Though my writing process didn’t change much, my style did a little bit. I was able to present the information in a manner that was appropriate for both the audience and the purpose.
As I stated in my introduction, I experienced three main challenges in the English writing process: Lack of Confidence, Language and Writer 's block. These challenges gave me the opportunity to ask the Writing Center for help, to consider feedback from peers and instructor, and to practice the exercises in the Learning Activities section. This is how I overcame these obstacles.

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