Writing Of Major Report : Education Essay

Writing Of Major Report : Education Essay

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Writing in Major Report: Education
Teaching is not a career a person can choose, it is a career that a person must have a passion for. Teaching is a career that requires patience and nobility because it is a job that will require a lot of work with little recognition. I chose my major in education of social sciences because I have always been passionate about helping others. Throughout my life I have had the help of teachers and mentors and I believe I am where I am because of them. One day I want to help children so they can feel like they can do whatever they choose to with their life, whatever it is that makes them passionate. I think that something the US lacks is global education and that is why I want to teach in the social science. In education writing can be informal but it does require different types of research. The main types of research according to Smith and Smith (2014) are lesson plans, curriculum guides, assessment reports, classroom observations, case studies, journal writing, reflection papers, research papers, position papers, annotated bibliographies, electronic portfolios, and conference presentations.
While being in school there is pressure to choose a career path and to do so as soon as possible. Most schools require a student to declare a major before their junior year. Although this may seem a little soon, because of the pressure to choose a major some classes require students to do deep research on what they intend to do. As part of my research on education I interviewed a friend who teaches at a local school, and sought information from other sources. I used an article by Diane Dawson (2015), an article written by Kim Sawyer (2015) from the University of Richmond, and the book Building Bridges Through...

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...nd writing throughout their lives and cannot avoid it. She references the National Writing Project, which is a teacher development program that assists teachers in knowing how to write and having the ability to teach it. She states it is important for educators to have the ability to write for their work and the ability to teach students how to do so.
Researching what it is like to work in education reinforced my decision to make it my major. Reading how the programs implemented by Dawson in her university and by local educators as in New Dorp High School made a difference in the success of students makes me realize how important educators are. Prior to this assignment I was not aware of the difficulties of communication between educators and their administrators. I am now aware of how important it is to know who the audience is for a paper and the format for each.

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