Essay on Writing It Down For Later

Essay on Writing It Down For Later

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Writing it Down for Later
One of the most well-known collections of gathered cultural stories is Kinder- und Hausmärchen. In English, this is translated as Children’s and Household Tales (Grimm, xix). Today the book is recognized as The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grim. This is a collection of orally transmitted stories, gathered by brothers Wilham and Jacob Grimm; therefor, the stories associated with them are not their own creations. Another such work is English and Scottish Popular Ballads which are ballads collected by Francis James Child. Though the selections of Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm and English and Scottish Popular Ballads are separated by about a hundred years, different cultures as well as different literary styles, there is a kinship in the importance they have on their own culture. Both selections are originally oral works that were passed down as entertainment, embedded with many cultural aspects as well as life lessons for the youth. This paper will proceed to compare the selections, The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm and English and Scottish Popular Ballads, to show the aspects of oral traditions from structure to archetypes no matter the culture or the format.
Francis James Child and the Grimm Brothers created their most celebrated works from listening. Before every selection in English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Child has an introduction explaining where he found each ballad version. A majority of Child’s selections come from manuscripts and texts collected by other scholars. Then there are some selections such as The Lass of Roch Royal, version H, which was “ Communicated by Mr. G.C. Mahon, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, as sung by a laborer, at Tyrrelspass, West Meath, Irel...

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...ned in their life. Both works give an idea to what the culture, the works come from, believe in as the possibilities after death.
One aspect that can shape a work is the culture it comes. With any culture religion always plays a dominate role. Seeing that the both the works are gathered from Christian cultures, that of the Scottish, English and German, many of the same biblical characters play a role in both collections. One recognizable Bible character is the virgin Marry. In The Cherry Tree Carol, the pregnant virgin Marry wants to eat some cherries (Child vol. II: 1-6). Though the ballad plays to more of Joseph’s point of view, the ballad still possesses a story that though not in the Bible, could still easily find a place among the pages. The Grimm tales have their own story with the Virgin Mary. In Grimm’s The Virgin Mary’s Child, one would expect the story to

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