Essay about Writing Is Your Writing Interesting?

Essay about Writing Is Your Writing Interesting?

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your letter able to imagine what you are writing about in their minds? Is your writing interesting?
By placing the emphasis on the audience instead of the rules of writing, my goal was that students would use the strategies because they wanted to provide their audience with descriptive writing, making incorporating the strategies easier to remember while writing. The final observations showed just that.
The data that was collected during observations of students writing in home journals during weeks five and six are displayed in figure 5.

Figure 5. Data collected during observation of students writing during week five and six.
The final observations revealed that students were excited and ready to begin writing. They were interested to read the letters written in response to their letters. They were also excited to share what they were going to learn about or had learned. Students exhibited on task behaviors during writing such as not talking and writing for the whole time given. While it was observed that there was still some confusion about how to format a letter, the confusion was minimal. Final observations also revealed that the use of strategies had greatly increased. Students were using correct capitization, spaces between words and punctuation. Descriptive writing had greatly increased in these entries. I was not the only one who noticed the change in students writing. The adults reading the letters began making comments about how much student’s writing had changed over the course of writing in home journals.
The data collected from observations of the implementation of home journals showed a substantial growth in students’ attitudes towards writing, use of strategies, and knowledge of letter writing. Home journals all...

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... material requiring them to have a deeper understanding and to recall information. There was a rise in both social studies and science grades during this study. Students’ often chose to write about information learned during social studies and science. Before the implementation of home journals, the average science grade was an eighty percent and the average grade in social studies was a seventy five percent. After the implementation of home journals, the average science and social studies grade was an eighty five percent.
A positive impact that I wasn’t expecting was the confidence that I gained about teaching writing to my students. Before starting this study, I would have said that writing instruction was my weakest area of instruction. After the study I feel that I have a greater understanding of what students need to be successful writers and how to deliver the

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