Writing Is The Way People Communicate With Other People Essay

Writing Is The Way People Communicate With Other People Essay

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English is the way people communicate to other people. Americans use it to text, write, read, or talk one on one. Students use it in school essays, and giving a speech. Writing is an important key element for education. We learn to write in lower education classes. Writing and reading helps us get ideas and thoroughly explain our thoughts.

People have different ideas and methods that help them concentrate when writing. I use two different methods when I write. I, personally, like to have silence and listen to music when I write. Sometimes, I get tired of the silence and like to jam out. Music helps me get creative and think things through. Also, I liked to be relaxed when writing, so music helps me do that.

My attitude towards writing is mixed emotions. Writing stresses me out and can cause me to get anxious. I feel self-centered because writing is not my strong suite. If I like the topic that I am writing, I will get excited about it. I also think writing is very important, because it helps people be knowledgeable. You will use writing throughout your lifetime, by typing up an email or writing a paper for school. Some people have good experiences with writing and reading. I, however, have alright experiences with writing. I am not a very good writer, but I am not a bad one either. In sophomore year, I worked very hard on a english research paper and my teacher gave me a D. I was devastated, stressed out even more, and exhausted from the stress. My other english teachers were a bit more understanding than my sophomore english teacher. I really do try my hardest to succeed in writing.

I have many difficulties when it comes to writing. My mind thinks faster than my hands can type. Therefore, I will mak...

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...are not writing the full words when texting. This could and will cause problems in the near future. We are losing important skills because technology is doing the hard work for us. Technology is a good thing, when needing something to check our grammar and spelling. We shouldn 't always rely on it to do the hard work for us. We want to become knowledgeable not less knowledgeable.
My personal philosophy in writing and reading, is we should do it to expand our way of thinking. We should write just for fun. Writing shouldn 't have to be hard or difficult. We should practice at reading and writing so we can become better. We should write about something that we are passionate about. If we do that we will learn to love and not hate the thought of writing. Read something that we always dared to read. Expand our ways of doing something so simple and yet powerful.

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