Writing Is Not The Worst Thing Essay

Writing Is Not The Worst Thing Essay

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Writing is not the worst thing in the world. The reason why us as student think writing sucks is that it’s based on what you want to say in the material and it’s time consuming. For me, I don’t hate writing but I don’t love it either. It all started when I was young. I had trouble with my speech and grammar. My parents are from another country and they didn’t speak English with me in my household. The reason why is that they didn’t know how to speak it. In the beginning, the material of what you are writing about can take time. For me, I get stuck of what I want to say in the beginning. I don’t want to be neutral, boring, or something that most people would start off in their writing material. Even if I may think that what I am writing is not important. It should still draw the audience’s attention. You have to think about what if I was reading it myself. The first thing that I do before my hook is brainstorm. I need to make an outline for myself. That help me in a lot of what I’m doing in my writing material. That takes up a lot of time and you need to know how thing will flow with...

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