Writing Is Becoming An Important Part Of America Society Essay

Writing Is Becoming An Important Part Of America Society Essay

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Writing is becoming an important part of America society. Especially for people who are organizing businesses, since they have to send letters to their customers. The letters have to be in the form of professional writing and contain many big words. Why don 't they just use easy words? Why do they have to be in big words? I guess using big words make them sound professional. I 'm not implying that I am against professional writing or using big vocabularies in writing. In fact, I favor big vocabularies, that why I tried to use them as much as I can in my writing, instead of just plugging in easy vocabularies. Using big words and proper grammars do make writing more professional. They indicate that the person who wrote the paper had been working hard to be in that level of writing. Most of us would want to know how to write professionally because we need it to become successful. I took composition class seriously because I want to know how to write professionally. I learned many ways to approach writing in composition 1 class.
I started the first essay on sheets of paper. When I typed the essay in the computer, the criteria for the page was not met. It still needed one more page. I had to rush myself to write a page more before the essay was due. After this essay, I realized that starting the essay with sheets of paper was not succeeding. Therefore, I started the next two essays straight into the computer. Thus, my writing improved. I did not have to feel stress whether or not my essay would meet the requirement anymore. When I started to write my essay, the first challenge was narrowing the topic.
Selecting a topic to write for, in my opinion, is always the hardest part of an essay. I pondered for it for a long time. Sometimes,...

... middle of paper ...

...extbooks are the two main reasons I improve at writing. I learned various new vocabularies and grammars from these two textbooks. Since knowing how to write properly is important for success today, I will continue to learn how to write until I can write magnificently.
As we all know, most institutions like hospitals, insurance companies, and universities, etc. use big words when they sent letters to their patients or clients. This informed us that writing in a professional form is very important. If we know how to write professionally, then we would understand what their letters meant when we read them. All of us should continue to learn how to write using proper grammar and new vocabularies. So, we can become successful persons in our future. There are many ways we can approach on learning how to write effectively, one of them is to take composition class seriously.

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