Essay on Writing Is An Art Form That Millions Attempt

Essay on Writing Is An Art Form That Millions Attempt

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Writing is an art form that millions attempt, but few master. Those that do may become like

world famous author Stephan King. Mr. King has written fifty novels in his life time, one of them being

Stephan King: On Writing. Stephan King wrote the book conveying his thoughts on what he believes

makes a successful writer. King 's thoughts fail to give a concrete answer on what makes a good writer

(he states this directly multiple times in the novel), however he provides examples of what he believes

makes a writer great. In the beginning of Stephan King: On Writing Mr. King states the events that

turned him into the writer he is today, while mainly following chronological order there are several

events placed out of order. Following the autobiography section of the book King dives into the

“instructional” section of the novel, where he states the strategies he believes can turn competent

writers into good writers.

The main purpose of Stephan King: On Writing is to give the reader King 's ideas on becoming a

great writer. King blatantly states the purpose of his book in his two theses statements which come 142

pages into the piece. King 's first thesis is, “The first is that good writing consists of mastering the

fundamentals (vocabulary, grammar, the elements of style) and then filling the third level of your

toolbox with the right instruments” (King 142). In this quote King comes straight out in saying his

main belief what goes into great writing. In order to become a good writer the person must master the

three fundamental pieces of writing, all three of which are taught throughout the school system.

However, King does not believe everyone is capable of mastering the fundamental pieces needed to


... middle of paper ...

...son point of view also gives the

reader King 's thoughts on his strategies and it just allows him to be more personal overall. For instance,

“The problem was the teaching. I liked my co-workers and loved the kids...” (73). This is in the

autobiographical section of the book he is speaking of the issues he was having with writing and

teaching was too time consuming. The first person point of view allows him to give his own thoughts

instead of someone having to read, “Mr. King like his co-workers and loved the kids.” This feels

impersonal and the reader may not feel the same connection when reading this because it 's simply

stating this instead of getting the thoughts of Stephan King. Just feeling the personal connection that

King brings with the first person point of view allows him to drive the points home and just makes the

book an enjoyable read.

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