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Writing Is A Clear Mind Essay

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When thinking about writing, people don’t often think about the technicalities behind it. When thinking about what they want to write, there are few things they think about; what they are writing about, and who they are addressing. Genre and Audience are one of the most important things an author can think about. Rhetorical situations are something that a writer doesn’t have to worry about too much because it is simply the way that people communicate. It becomes even more tricky when writing about yourself. Sometimes in can be hard to bring up things about yourself. Other times it’s just hard to bring up a person’s past, and to even think about it. As a writer, you have to be able to put distance from yourself, and have a clear mind when doing it. One of the most important things that every person needs to have when writing is a clear mind. Leena Sen, author of a Communication Skills book, states “Behind good writing lies the power of clear thinking. Writing becomes cluttered and is devoid of clarity of meaning when the thought process goes awry. Clear thinking leads to clear writing” (177). Writing is not an easy skill for everyone, there are a few roadblocks that get in the way when writing.
Not everyone has the natural ability to write. People have a hard time understanding the technicalities. This especially becomes a problem when writing about oneself. It may be just because the individual simply cannot clear their minds enough and focus on just one thing. It could also be that the individual may not know how to write about themselves. In “Turning Oneself into a Character”, Lopate mentions that in order to turn oneself into a character in your own writing, you have to be able to look at yourself from the ceiling. In order to...

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... very easily to people, especially when writing about oneself. For some people, it’s a matter of trying to clear the mind, for others it’s trying to put mixtures of literature and grammar together to create writing. Others have a hard time because it’s something completely new. Once a person starts writing, as long as they can keep a clear mind, nothing can stop them. Just like Hooks, I used writing as a type of therapy that turned itself around on me. Writing about ones’ experience can easily become something that not only helps you cope with the past, but also something that starts to take some weight off the shoulders. Writing may not be easy for everyone, but it all eventually goes to the fundamentals’ No matter how hard it is, every person can become a writer. It all goes back to the fundamentals; knowing who the audience is and what genre you are writing about.

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