Writing For An Audience

Writing For An Audience

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To Whom It May Concern:

Our company is on of the largest technology firm in the market place as of today. We successfully deliver leading technology to all our clients all over the world, and we will continue to strive to be the most innovated firm out there. For the past 10 years we have been focusing on achieving the best results for companies applications, by hiring only the cutting edge programmers in the field today. Since we keep growing because of all our clients’ dedication to our company we are looking for a new home. So on November 14, 2007 we will be moving our company to a new location which will better suit our needs to continue giving exceptional service to our devoted clients. Once this move is complete we will have a more enforced department were our developers our working on bring you better widget applications. For many of you may not know what we our developing here our widgets will provide you quick access to Internet sites, desktop utilities such as note pad, to do list, calendars, clocks, weather, and task managements. Other such utilities are media players, web cams, games, and desktop animations. We also develop tools to monitor system resources, and application launchers.

Beginning in our first quarter of the New Year we will be expanding our widget application department. What this will mean to you is more advanced application, greater more precise web tools, and more bandwidth for web applications. We will be more advanced than ever and this will only complement your companies over all performance. Were this will help your company that we our expanding our bandwidth by 46 % where this will give your web applications far more stability and far less lag time. You will start seeing these advancements within late January, and far more advanced services in the early part of the 2nd quarter. So we here at our company are very excited about our new advancements, and we hope you are to. With in the ending weeks of October there will be some negative effects in our widget developing there will be some delay in the production we bring to you. As part of our great move we will soon have to break down many of our servers that our programmers use on a daily basis. Unfortunately this will have an ill affect to you our clients, as you already know this slight set back is only going to make as a much more solid programming environment.

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And in the long term it is only going to make you also a much more competitive company. We will hope you have the aspiration to work through our time of change with us to in turn better serve you for many years to come.

In the next coming weeks we will slowly start breaking down our systems to start our move. In the mean time will have up and running a temporary system. We will also have a 24 hour seven days a week hotline if you may need any assistants. What this will mean to you financially any deposits you put forward will be 100 % refunded to your company if you are unsatisfied with this inconvenience. As far as technical support will still be availably as normal through regular business hours. During this we will have more staff on call to better serve you at you time of need with your applications. For the most part we feel the delay in the widgets developing will last no longer than six weeks. For in this time period all operations will stop. Understand your concern will implement older applications and connect you through our temporary servers in a timely manner. Going forward for many of the widgets that you have asked us to produce we will have your orders no later then six weeks like mentioned early. We will also have systems engineers working 24 hours a day to get these applications installed on your servers. For those of you that your widgets run off of our web servers these applications will be available to you as early as the second week in December. Just as a reminder these application will not be running at our new bandwidth until early March. As for you to keep in mind there will be no bad affect that they will not be running on our new state of the art servers at first. For many of our customers may not be very technology involved in there company we will explain to you exactly how much faster our web servers that run your widgets will be. For the most part we will be adding an industry first full duplex fiber optic network running at speeds as fast as 350 MB. This will be about 35 times faster than we were running. For those of your companies that do not run your widget application on our web server there will also be plenty of benefits for you as well. Going forward all our application will be processed in full 64-bit architecture if you are not running 64-bit operating systems will upgrade you system as part of striving to bring you the best performance. You will also have access to our full fiber optic network to bring faster internet access if you choose to.

Once again we would like to thank you for your continued business, and would like to thank you for your patients through our transformation of our industry leading company. Going forward today will bring your company a much better future, looking forward to the next year we when can bring you supreme applications. But we will not stop there looking ahead will be implementing many more aspects in to our companies future. That will only achieve best results for your company to achieve optimal performance now and tomorrow and to be forever growing into your market place. We here at our company want to be with you ever step of the way, with providing you with cutting edge customs application designed for your company. By achieving this it will result in better solution for the customers you support on a daily basis. Once again we here at our company would like to thank you for your continued support, here is to looking ahead.


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