Writing Assignment : Observation Paper

Writing Assignment : Observation Paper

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Writing Assignment 1: Observation Paper
It stands to a reason that children are magnificent human beings. Once they are born, they do not know much, but within time they get to learn more and more. For this paper I chose to interview a young girl who is ten years old and lives in a family with both parents and a younger sister. The sister who is eight years old is very close to her age, however, their personality traits differ significantly. The subject is Caucasian and currently goes to school; the subject is in fifth grade. The family has a middle class socioeconomic status and live in an apartment which is spacious enough for the four family members. The subject was observed and interviewed in her personal environment because she could feel more comfortable engaging with her family and show more of her real personality and how she acts on her daily basis. Later, I was able to observe the child at a family birthday party, outside of the home, this way I could observe her in a different environment, engaging with different people.
The parents work full time and usually do not have enough time to spend with their children. Therefore, after school the subject and her sister stay with their grandmother or sometimes with a caregiver. The subject is quite mature and very independent for her age and she presents more developed conversations than her sister, who acts more like a child of her age. I believe that the subject acts in more mature manners because she has a younger sister and wants to show her that she is in charge and responsible for her. According to Moore (2015) “Older siblings often become role models for their younger brothers and sisters, and they help protect and care for younger children when parents are at work or o...

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...d that the subject eventually would say words that normally a child wouldn’t use. I also noticed that the parents are authoritative. According to Baumrind’s parenting style, they do demand tasks to be done, but also listen to what the children want to say (Berger, 2014). When one of the children is in trouble, the other one feels bad because they developed empathy for each other.
The girls obviously love both parents, however, it was quite noticeable that they wanted to show more action towards the father than to the mother. According to Berger (2014) Freud developed the Electra complex, “the little girl wants to eliminate the same-sex parent (her mother) and become intimate with the opposite-sex parent (her father)” (p.222). This Freud’s theory makes sense because the girls, unconsciously, try to drive their father’s attention towards them rather than to the mother.

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