Writing Assignment Description Essay

Writing Assignment Description Essay

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Purpose: You will write a four-page MLA style report on a topic of you choice along with three areas of the topic, with teacher approval on a submitted memo. You will do a smart search for information and write a five section report on the topic using proper MLA style format as well as correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Good writing is also an expected criterion for this assignment.
Project: 100 points


MEMO- 20 points
1. Save as MLAReportMemo.docx. Select a topic and type a memo to Mrs. Wiscount telling her 1) the topic of your report, 2) why you would like to research and write about this topic, and 3) what three areas you will cover in your report. Use proper memo format. Proofread (you and peer), print, and hand in for approval of topic. Remember to initial your memo.
a. You will be graded on: inclusion of all three parts, proper memo formatting, initial, and conventions (S/G/P/C).

2. After you have received formal approval of your topic, create a smart keyword search index for your topic and the ...

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