Writing, And The Dreaded 5 Paragraph Structure Essay

Writing, And The Dreaded 5 Paragraph Structure Essay

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“Writing, form of human communication by means of a set of visible marks that are related, by convention, to some particular structural level of language” (Encyclopædia Britannica). It all started in 4th grade. The grammar, the writing, and the dreaded 5 paragraph structure. In today’s world, kids learn the 5 paragraph structure and clinging onto it throughout middle school, high school, and even in college. A couple questions asked when talking about structure is why are students taught to write in this form, when and why would you not want to use this form, and why should we not be teaching the 5-paragraph structure to children in today’s society. Society thinks that this rule helps kids prepare their writing skills for the future, but is it really just holding them back? The world of literacy is constantly changing, so yes it is holding children back.
Students are taught to write in the 5-paragraph structure to help them put structure behind a paper. Learning how to read and write as a kindergartener was scary enough, but adding more than a few words on a page just a few years later and expecting fully thought out sentences was a lot to ask for little kids.In the third grade I learned the 5-paragraph structure and still use it today. It helped shape my writing and put structure to my thoughts. In the third grade I learned the 5-paragraph structure and still use it today. It helped shape my writing and put structure to my thoughts. Learning about the 5-paragraph structure helped kids in the class learn there is a structure to writing a paper and it started with a introduction and good thesis, 3 body paragraphs explaining the 3 main points in your thesis, and finally a conclusion that did not bring any new info...

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...ts on creative thought”(Flanagin). How do you expect someone to enjoy writing and explore their minds if they have to go by a structure for 13 year, then expect them to think outside the box. The more teachers hold onto the 5-paragraph structure rule throughout school, the most likely they are to struggle in college writing.
In conclusion, the 5-paragraph structure is not beneficial in the long run to students. Though it may help when they are learning, sticking with it for years hurts them in the end. The few questions asked at the beginning still remain, Why are students taught to write in this form, When and why would you not want to use this form, and Why should we not be teaching the 5-paragraph structure to children in today’s society? Do you want to change how kids are taught to write? Because the end result could be on you.

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