Essay on Writing Analysis : Myself As A Writer

Essay on Writing Analysis : Myself As A Writer

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On page two of writing sample one, I wrote a free-write response to the discussion board topic, “myself as a writer,” that my English professor gave in class. This represents the prewrite stage or first draft of writing (Outcome 1). The purpose of the writing assignment was to construct a short essay that discusses anything that evolves over the given topic. Years ago, I learned from my eleventh grade English instructor that writing free-writes is a great tool in putting any idea that comes into mind on paper, so I decided to apply that technique on this small response. As I wrote to the short prompt, I did not worry about the grammar and punctuation mistakes since all that mattered was the content. Without stressing over the writing problems, I freely wrote all my thoughts and ideas on paper. I believe that the free-writing method is an effective writing strategy since it involves no overthinking about mistakes nor any limit on how much one can write. Overall, prewriting is an easy way to create new ideas, which can be inputted into an essay or report.
On page one of writing sample one, I wrote the final draft of the discussion board assignment. This draft will display mastery of outcome one, six, and seven (Draft, Revision, Proofread). When formulating the final draft, the free-write strategy helped me greatly. Writing my ideas ahead of time in the pre-write response gave me the chance to expand on them in the final revision, as well as pinpoint hard-to-see grammar errors, such as the poorly formatted title on page two. Another issue I revised was the ending sentence of the prewrite on page two. The last sentence gave no closure to the essay, so the paper lacked a purpose. However, in the final draft on page one, I added a con...

... middle of paper ...

...hat the main purpose of the writing piece is. Without knowing the argument, there is no way one can fully understand the paper.
Mastery of outcome three (Critical Reading) is exhibited in writing sample three. I organized the paper into discrete categories: the first paragraph gives a summary of the article; the second paragraph explains the facts and opinions that the author wrote; the third paragraph describes the ideology that the author focuses on throughout his paper; and the fourth paragraph discusses my stance on the author’s argument. Here, I understood the reading in many ways, which were split into separate paragraphs. By carefully reading the text from the article, I was able to develop these ideas on paper. In other words, critical reading helps one create new ideas and thoughts, which is essential for writing a paper. It is a life skill worth mastering.

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