Writing An Academic Work That Needs Essay

Writing An Academic Work That Needs Essay

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Dissertation writing is an academic work that needs to be written in formal way depending on demand of suggested format like MLA or APA. To write a dissertation is quite challenging task as it represents the overall knowledge and summary of our education throughout the masters how much we have learned. Dissertation includes literature review that ask us what critics or writers we are going to mention. Methodology in which we have to mention about our own views and how . Step by step we have to analyze our topic in organized way making sure the chosen material is not plagiarized .
Dissertation or thesis consist of two types “ Quantitative Research” and “ Qualitative Research”. As suggested through word “ Quantitative “ that comes from quantity , this research is based on surveys of mobile , survey of branded clothes , telephonic conversations or interviews that can be calculated and measured. This research is usually done in BBA , and MBA where students are asked to take any specific product and promote it through marketing , compare it with other products on basis of customers feedbacks . For doing this, students do a survey and collect reviews through Questionnaires , the more they are distributed , the more they collect reviews and shop around the product. While Qualitative research is about emphasizing on such topics that can’t be measured or calculated . In other words, a topic that has sentimental appeal , containing abstract element, we can dive deep to interpret them and describe their true meanings. In t...

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..., Double spacing as it enable checker to give remarks easily .:Make sure you’ve placed chapters in sequence wise so it would be easy for readers to figure out where an author has represented his own views and where he has mentioned critics , or outside information.
Thus last thing in dissertation content is conclusion and references or citations that proves written material is not plagiarized and is taken for reference. In literature there is no stable fixed conclusion as everyone has different vision to see the world , yet to certify your topic conclusion is there to give a glimpse of entire discussion and what student come up with after all critical and textual evidences . conclusion allows to give any specific final suggestion concluded by writer.

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