Writing Activities For One School Day Essay

Writing Activities For One School Day Essay

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After reviewing course syllabi and taking an account of all writing activities for one school day, I am very surprised to have underestimated the amount of work expected from me this year. When including things that most students don’t consider actual writing, such as taking notes or doing homework, there is an exorbitant amount of writing required. When most students think about the content of a course, they perceive an essay here or a writing assignment there and then they’re done with the class. On the contrary, most of the writing doesn’t even consist of these major grades.
ITEC, Accounting, English, Pre Calculus, and History are to be my life until the end of the semester. Starting with ITEC, not much writing is honestly required outside of three big projects. Those, in order of importance, are a PowerPoint, a web page written in Microsoft Word, and a web page written in HTML. The PowerPoint will require some typing up of about 10 slides but nothing more than a sophomore in high school could do. The two web pages will require the most writing, as most people who have never wri...

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