Writing A College Essay Can Be Hard

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Writing a college essay can be hard. and writing a good unique college essay can be even harder. Writing a good distinct essay can be hard. It’s hard because writing is not my best subject. I usually always go to my peers to help me get ideas I search the web for ideas. The most important thing to do differently is the way you go about writing your paper when writing it. When you give students an essay topic you never receive the same written essay. You always get a different written and typed essay, some are funny, some are boring, some might make you cry, and so on. I think that the way someone is pursuing the subject is important. Not all topics are going to be the best topics to write about but if you can take a boring topic and make it interesting you 've already won the reader in my opinion. When it comes to me and writing, I stress out. I honestly hate writing and it’s probably because I am horrible and punctuations and that is so important and I just generally dislike it. I always get writers block. Even if I had the chance to pick the topic I wanted write about. It will take me at least a day or two for me to actually sit down and write my paper .When I do start I never punctuate it makes me feel better. I know and it kills all the grammar nazis. Sometimes I just let myself write things even if I get off topic because when I come back to it another day it helps me remember why I got off topic and I got more ideas flowing. I am very good and getting ideas going if I have something to go off of. Writing becomes easy to me when I am passionate about a subject. Once I get the hang of what I 'm supposed to be writing about then Im okay and i’ll start writing and I wont stop other than that I hate writing. I know for a f... ... middle of paper ... ...trouble writing and punctuating doesn 't make it any easier, is it an excuse to turn in a crappy essay? No of course not I just have to work a little harder than those who don 't have trouble writing. No one is a perfect writer. Even authors makes mistakes. Writing a good college essay is hard because you have to know how to go about writing your paper without sounding like a broken record and you have to make sure its unique so that your reader doesn 't get bored. I have always had a hard time with writing, I will try and better myself because that’s all I can do. I will apply all the things I said I would to make my college essay better and hope it works out, and if it doesn 't then I will try again and see where my mistakes were made and change them because if not I will never learn. writing a college essay is difficult but only as difficult as you allow it to be.

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