Essay on Writer's Memo

Essay on Writer's Memo

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A note from the writer:
For my rhetoric in practice, I chose to write a short story called The People of Lagga. This short story is a fantasy about a traveling elf that teaches people how to use magic to create sustainable gardens and forests. I chose to add fantastical elements to my story because it deals with our theme of Fantasy and Fairytales and the idea of using a fantasy realm to address issues in our own society. The topic of my story, sustainability and respect for nature, is inspired by the recent support the media has shown for sustainable lifestyles. I know young people must be aware of these topics because some of the most popular channels like ABC and NBC have ads targeting teens that pertain to sustainability. These ads often urge people to change their ways in order to promote a “greener future”. For my story, I chose to work with a similar theme, however I wanted to place it in a text that allows teens to indirectly think about the importance of sustainability and its relation to the survival of the human race and the beauty of nature. As the author of my text, I decided to use kairos and point of view in order to persuade my readers that our current methods of interacting with the environment are not sustainable and that in order to survive people need to change and work together.
My use of kairos is present both in the text and in our own society. In the text, the main character, Advisa, meets the People of Lagga just as their garden is beginning to die. In turn, the people are more easily swayed to adopt her principles because their methods are evidently not being effective for their survival. Similarly, I am producing and releasing this text in a time when the media is influencing people to become mo...

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...ustainable lifestyles. Thus, I think younger audiences that have not been exposed to very much science, like high school and middle school students, may find my reasons for change more satisfactory than someone who has studied the science behind the depletion of the Earth’s resources would. Also, because my work is a fantasy I do not see older audiences taking very much interest in my text since it is not as advanced as the fantasies that older audiences would read. On the other hand, children under the age of 13 may not completely understand the message of my story because they have not yet taken interest in adult like topics such as sustainability. I targeted teens between the ages of 13 and 18 because I think they would be most receptive to my message given the current popularity of sustainability in the media, the medium of my text, and the style of my writing.

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