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The writer of fight club took an anti-consumerist approach to the writing, and this was adapted into the film. Examples of Classical social theories written by Marx, Weber, and Durkheim are obvious to anyone that has ever studied sociological theory. The book/film wasn’t written at the same time as the theories, but instead goes to show that the theories predicted how society might evolve into more consumerist communities. This has proven to be true as evolution has occurred and the population has increased; creating a higher rate of supply and demand for commodities.
At the beginning of the film, the nameless narrator that will be referred to as “Jack” experiences alienation as seen in Marx’s essay Estranged Labor “The worker becomes a slave of his object” (Marx 1844). Alienation is a process where the world a person lives in starts to feel foreign to them. Jack works for a major car company and assesses the risks involved in malfunctioning parts using a formula that decides whether or not the company issues a recall on a defective product that was produced. He is alienated from the labor he produces because he receives little benefit for the work that he does and the company he works for receives most of the profits.
Jack has no enjoyment or sense of gratification for the work he completes and produces so much work that the work he does feels like “every day is a copy of a copy of a copy”, which is an example of Marx’s concept that the more work you produce the poorer you become (Marx 1844). Someone dictates to him how to do his job and he has no say in anything that would allow him to produce products of his own desires. Jack travels a lot for his job and feels that the work he does has isolated him from himself, his coworker...

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...much of something is. However, the individual decides how much authority from society he is willing to accept. When you try to live outside of your means you might be giving up basic necessities to afford things that you do not necessarily need.
When you do try to live outside of your means, you set a goal for yourself that you strive to reach. If you reach it, you set more goals and strive to reach those. In order for a sense of fulfillment to be reached, one must put a limit on the goals they are trying to achieve. The problem is that it is human nature to want to things that an individual knows are out of their means of living and that they can afford. The satisfaction of being content is never there, which leads to an overall unhappiness and lack of contentment because of not being able to reach those social classes, which might drive someone to commit suicide.

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