Essay on The Wright County Public Health Task Force

Essay on The Wright County Public Health Task Force

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The Wright County Public Health Task force gathers and identifies community health problems every four years. Furthermore, the Wright County Public Health Task force gathers and discusses data, trends, and observations and identifies the top ten community priorities within Wright County. Community input was gathered and after discussing data, trends, observations, and experience the top ten priorities within the county (Wright County, 2014).
Several consideration are accounted for when collecting data within Wright County such as surveys, ethnicity, social, culture, income, employment, poverty, education and quality health insurance (Wright County, 2014).

According to, The Wright County Public Health Task Force the top ten health priority issues as follows: obesity, chronic disease, mental health, injury, chemical health, environmental health, unplanned pregnancy, violence, poverty, and infectious disease (Wright County, 2014).
The Wright County Public Health Task Force will inform educate, and empower the citizens of wright county on prevention of obesity, chronic disease, mental health, injury, chemical health by implementing:
• Active classrooms
• Providing healthy food in schools and childcare centers
• Encouraging active living in the community
• Providing access to healthy food in the community
• Providing worksite wellness programs
• Providing community linkages with local clinics and hospitals
• Providing advanced community Linkages to organizations outside of Wright County (Wright County, 2014).
Chronic disease
• Providing health screenings and for early detection
• Wellness On Wheels (WOW) van which provides several healthy, active lifestyle brochures and educational materials, and provide free blood pres...

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...ils and eliminated the need for mobile hot spot, camera, and digital recorder" (Wright County, 2015).
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), allows electronic distribution incoming, written correspondence, received by the agency, and stores closed cases (Wright County, 2015).
According to the Wright County Annual report, Public Health measures the success of programs through performance measures. National Core Competencies direct staff development needs. In addition to State and national data outcomes and similarities. Furthermore, "Utilizing the OMAHA System to determine success of interventions (Wright County, 2015).
According to Wright County Public Health, "Collaboration with our community plays a key role in reaching the entire population in order to promote healthy behaviors, offer resources, and prevent the spread of disease" (Wright County, 2015).

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