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The Wrestling Of Professional Sports Essay

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Since its creation in 1980, World Wrestling Entertainment has been determined to shine a spotlight on the sport of professional wrestling. Delivering up to eight hours of weekly programing and their own subscription-based online library, consumers are able to receive as much content as they please. Although the WWE product as a whole is immensely popular, it does not go without fault. While other professional sports have succeeded in showcasing all genders and races in a positive light, the same can not always be said about WWE. What separates the WWE from other professional sports in a negative manner is their constant sexism, careless fans and long list of accumulating injuries and deaths.
When Ronda Rousey started becoming an example of how dominant women could be in professional sports, WWE saw this as a way to capitalize. Commentators on both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown would constantly mention Rousey whenever their own female employees were in the ring participating in a match. While it was nice that WWE acknowledged what an impact women could make in male dominated sports, it also came off as hypocritical. See, the difference between Ronda Rousey and the WWE female roster is that UFC genuinely respects Rousey. Looking back at WWE’s history of sexism is cringeworthy. The 90’s saw the birth of the Attitude Era in the WWE, this was a time frame where the men were able to do and say what they wanted while the women were used as eye candy. Of course, not every female was used to escort a man down to the ring, some were actually given matches. These matches though, were not to display the women’s athletic ability, but more so the assets the company found important. Bra and Panties matches were, basically exactly what the name ...

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...e it to the WWE. The independent wrestling circuit is packed to the brim with wrestlers who will one day step foot inside a WWE ring. That is, if there is still a ring when they get there. Rating for both of the product’s main shows Monday Night Raw and Smackdown reach new lows every week. Both writers and CEO of the company, Vince McMahon have been accused of being out of touch with the world around them today. With lines such as “I believe all women secretly hate each other” being fed to the color commentators by both McMahon and the writing crew in 2016, it is hard to disagree. Not to mention that storylines getting progressively worse and repetitive every week. WWE loves glorifying UFC as well as signing their rejects who did not make it big. So, why not just jump ship to that product instead? Maybe there will even be blood that WWE fans seem to be so thirsty for.

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