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Wrestlemania III is simply put one of the greatest Wrestlemania's of all time, if not for 17 and 19, I would rank this as the all time best. As much as I dislike Hogan's egotistical ways, and his selfish thinking, he set the bar for other wrestlers, and truly put WWE on the map, and his match with Andre paved the way for so many things. But the real classic on this show, is Steamboat Vs Savage, you will rarely see any better. Gorilla and Jesse Ventura are the perfect announcing tandem, and the crowd is huge and LOUD!.

Can-Am Connection Vs Don Muraco&Bob Orton. Sadly too short, but it's truly excellent for the time it got, and if it went a little longer, it surely could have came close to a 5 * match!. Can-Am prevail with a cross body.

3 1/2 /5

Billy Jack Haynes Vs Hercules. Actually rather fun for what it was, and I enjoyed the storyline behind it. Both look roided up|Though I could be wrong, but I doubt it| But it was still an interesting contest of power. Double count out ensures, with Hercules bloodying up Billy Jack at the end of the match, with his steel chain.

2 1/2 /5

Mixed tag team match

Hillybilly Jim, The Hati Kid and Little Beaver Vs King Kong Bundy, Little Tokyo and Lord Littlebrook. Fun comedy match I suppose, pretty harmless stuff. Bundy was on his way out shortly after this, and it was pretty pointless, but I had an OK time with it. Hillbilly's team wins by DQ.


Loser must bow before the king match.

Junkyard Dog Vs King Harley Race. Some fun comedy antics, but it's nothing memorable at all. This one is to play up the crowd, and they did a good job with that. Harley wins with a belly to belly suplex. Afterwards JD Bows, but crowns Harley with a chair, much to Ventura's disgust.


... middle of paper ...

...in by DQ.


WWF Championship.

Hulk Hogan|C| Vs Andre The Giant. Hogan about blows the roof off the place. No way a classic wrestling match, but the ramifications of it, and the way it paved way for so many things, it deserves it's classical reputation. It's very chilling stuff, and the wrestling isn't as bad as you may think either. So many classic moments, and a selfish, but needed ending, make this one of the best matches in Wrestling history. If you honestly need me to tell you the ending to the match, your not a Wrestling buff.


Bottom line. Wrestlemania 3 is not only one of Wrestlemania's greatest, but one of the best Wrestling events period!. There is really not much to dislike here, and I feel it's the reason why WWE is still successful today. This is very much a required viewing, and you can't call yourself a wrestling fan if you haven't.

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