Essay on Wrestlemania 19

Essay on Wrestlemania 19

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Wrestlemania 19 is one of Wrestlemania's greatest, I would have to rank it as # 3 in my personal favorites. Perfect match choosing, great storytelling from almost every single one of the matches, and often almost flawless wresting. Very emotional for me at the time this came out, because my all time favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin was facing his last match, against my 2nd all time favorite The Rock. But I also enjoyed the storyline with HBK and Jericho, and Vince and Hogan. It's a nearly flawless Wrestlemania, with only The Undertaker deserving of a better match up.

Sunday Night Heat. Personally hearing Lita's sexy voice, announce alongside The Coach was pretty hot.

WWE World Tag Team titles. Kane&RVD Vs Chief Morley& Lance Storm|C|. Not bad, but the storyline was more interesting then anything else. At this time The Dudley's were lackey's for Bischoff. Morley and Storm retain, when The Dudley's change there mind.

2 1/2 /5

Cena comes out and disses Jay-Z. Entertaining to a degree actually. I actually like Cena, but I do wish they would spice his character up like they did back then.

2 1/2 /5


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Matt Hardy|C| Vs Rey Mysterio. Good way to start the show off. Short, but quite exciting, and a perfect way to get the crowd into it. Hardy retains when he uses the ropes.


Handicap match. Taker Vs Big Show/A-Train. Nice pop for Taker. The only terrible match on the card actually. The Undertaker deserved much better then this. Hell even Taker Vs Big show would have been better. Taker wins when Nathan Jones comes down and helps.


WWE Women's Championship Trish Stratus Vs Victoria|C| Vs Jazz. Great pop for Trish. Fantastic for Woman's wrestling. It really makes me s...

... middle of paper ...

...the rattlesnake, with 3 Rock Bottom's. Dwayne shows his true class at the end, by giving him the accolades out of character, Austin rightfully deserved.


WWE Championship. Brock Lesnar Vs Kurt Angle|C|. Good pop for both, and the crowd is mixed. Wonderful way to end the show, with this amazing clinic they put on. Brock's shooting star press attempt, was pretty sick, and Kurt was ballsy for going all out, with a terrible neck. Brock wins the title. Kurt turns face after the match, congratulating Brock.


Bottom line. Actually the more I think about it, the more I like this as much as Wrestlemania 17. Nevertheless it's still an almost perfect Wrestlemania. The crowd is respectful, and into every thing, while everything just gelled together wonderfully. Wrestlemania 19 is a must see at all costs for Wrestling fans, even new schooled fans will love it!.

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