Would You Rather Be Skinny Or Happy? Essay

Would You Rather Be Skinny Or Happy? Essay

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Would You Rather Be Skinny or Happy?
Throughout history, being skinny was closely linked to poverty and being fat was a way of flaunting wealth. Today, however, the media glamourizes thinness. Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape (National). Is there too much pressure on girls to have ‘perfect’ bodies? What is that pressure doing to the girls most affected by this? While there are many reasons why girls are pressured to have ‘perfect’ bodies like positive or negative comments from family and peers on body image, and personal views of self-worth, the most effective cause is the mass media. According to many theorists, the “thin ideal” portrayed in the media accounts for most females’ need to be thin or skinny (Gross 36). While peer acceptance should not be the reason one changes them self, girls are negatively impacted by the pressure to have perfect bodies because it can lead to reduced self-esteem, increased self-consciousness, body-related anxiety, eating disorder development, and body dissatisfaction.
The media usually depicts ideal beauty via incredibly thin models and celebrities (Stokes 3). There are several beliefs about being thin that appeal to young women. For instance, they believe that achieving the thin ideal is attractive and will promote happiness and positive self-esteem (Cardosi 4). Sixty-nine percent of the girls indicated that magazine pictures influenced their ideal body image and 47% wanted to lose weight due to this influence (Cardosi 5-6). In most magazines, there are pictures of models or celebrities the size of toothpicks and they are filled with “shed fat fast” schemes like the diet pills and the laxatives that claim to jump st...

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.... Celebrities often boast on social media about their best yoga sessions like Jennifer Aniston or Britney Spears. Yoga helps lower stress, lose weight naturally, and improve metabolism. Knowing that yoga is healthy and that celebrities are doing it, others will be encouraged to do yoga. When they get their desired body, they are healthier and happier.
Females today desire the bodies of celebrity who are considered to have “perfect” body. They attain the body they want by diet and exercise or developing eating disorders and cosmetic surgery. Generally, if they do not attain the body they want they develop a very serious eating disorder and anxiety or depression. While there are many positive aspects of the media, like encouraging healthy eating and lifestyle choices, the media has negative effects on females, like indirectly promoting eating disorders.

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