Essay about The Worth of Native Americans

Essay about The Worth of Native Americans

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When you feel worthless, and are told you are completely worthless, and start to believe it, would you have the strength to break down the walls? As a Native American it was hard, and still is, to feel as though you “belonged” in America. They struggle with high rates of suicide, are told they aren’t going to be anything but and Indian, and some overcome. But why do they have to be put through it?

From the time the first settlers arrived, Native Americans lost all control over their land; and, in the 19th century, when they gave all their land to the government, they were also promised health care benefits. They relied on the government to give them the help they needed and when the sequester came, and budgets were cut, they stopped getting help. With the less help, came more deaths. When you have problems and don’t have help, it can get hard. Without support, they felt they were left with no other option but to take their own lives. When the Native Americans were promised the health facilities and they were taken away, it hurt them mentally and physically. The mental aspect of it,...

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