The Worth of a Child:Child Labor Trafficking Essay

The Worth of a Child:Child Labor Trafficking Essay

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“Police and social workers say that more than 20,000 people are brought into the United States each year by exploitative labor traffickers and that at least half the victims are children” (Startribune, 2009, paragraph 1). This number only includes the definite amount of victims that authority figures have identified as victims. It does not take in account for all of the unreported victims which are currently working as slaves or even possibly deceased from being beaten to death. And, according to the Star Tribune, each year, more than 10,000 of these victims, trafficked into the United States, are children. So, how do more than 10,000 children find themselves trafficked to North America on yearly basis? In order to answer this question and put a stop to human trafficking, in the United States, a better understanding of where trafficked children come from, how they arrived here, what they are forced to do, and how they are treated while being enslaved, is needed. This gained knowledge will help give authorities and public citizens more of an insight on this industry which profits $32 billion yearly (Polaris Project, 2009, paragraph 8).
Trafficked children come from all regions of the world, but are more commonly from West Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia (issuk). They usually live in poverty-stricken countries where the necessities are hard to come by. Clean water, food, clothing, and shelter are scarce in the underdeveloped areas where these children reside and healthcare is not an option in many of their overpopulated communities.
Although it is common, trafficked children do not only come from overseas: they also come from the “land of the free”, right here in America. “The FBI estimates that well over 100,000 children...

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...em. Once identified trafficked children can be saved the criminals will be behind bars.


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