Essay on The Worst Ever Product On Bbc Dragons Den

Essay on The Worst Ever Product On Bbc Dragons Den

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“The worst pitch, the worst ever product on BBC Dragons Den.”

Dirk Cousins, an inventor and the owner of a company named “ Flow signals.” He pitches his presentation to the investors in the television show on BBC named “Dragons Den.”
His invention is a flashing light that can be attached to traffic signs. Mr. Dirk believes his invention is special because the light can be visible from all different angles, and therefore, the driver cannot miss the sign. He is asking the Dragons for fifty English pounds to invest into his project with 10% interest in his company profits.
Although Dirk is very passionate about his invention, his presentation falls short in many aspects and the Dragons don’t found his project worth investing.
Dirk presents his idea to the investors without any proper research supporting his product. Although he already invested about thirty-five thousands English pounds of his own money into his project, he did not get this light approved by proper government agency responsible for traffic light. In fact, when one of the Dragons has asked is he tried to appro...

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