The Worst Day Of My Life Essay

The Worst Day Of My Life Essay

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Have you ever had a bad day that you can just wish that it wouldn’t have ever happened because you lost someone very special to you? Do you wish you can go back and relive really special moments with that special someone? I do. I lost my dad when I least expected it. That day that my dad passed away was by far the worst day of my life. I never got to tell him goodbye, or I love him. It was all of a sudden. No one expected it.
On February 2, 2006 was the worst day of my life. I was 8 years old. In third grade at Lockport Upper Elementary school. I woke up thinking it would be a normal day of school. I knew something was wrong when I opened my eyes and my neighbor was waiting for me to wake up. She asked me what I was going to wear today. I told her my khaki school pants and my red school shirt. That was my daily outfit. But she told me I wasn’t going to school. That’s when you know something is wrong. Your parents aren’t home, your neighbor is getting you dressed and now you’re not going to school. What is going on? So I told her what I wanted to wear. I picked out some black shorts and a blue tshirt from my closet. I asked her where we was going since I wasn’t going to school and she had told me the hospital. She said that something had happened to my dad.
From that moment I sat in the backseat of the car thinking about all of the outcomes of this situation till I arrived at the hospital. I kept picturing in my mind that he was laid out on a gurney, showing no life. It was like I knew he was gone already. I was hoping my dad was fine and healthy and that nothing bad happened to him. Hoping that he would be fine and me, my mom, and my dad would go back home together. But I’ll tell yall that wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t be going...

... middle of paper ... to get away. Her name was Mrs. Janelle. It was like she was my best friend. I pretty much told her everything.
It all hits you at one time. You realize you will never get to see him or get advice from him while you’re growing up. I won’t ever get to watch another saint’s game with him again. That used to be our thing to do on Sundays during the NFL season. The saints used to be really bad back in those days so we would spend our time making fun of how bad they were. I remember throwing the football with him in the backyard and every time he drops it or I make a bad throw, I would have to go pick it up for him. He couldn’t bend down cause of his bad hips. Moments like these you cherish forever.
Words of advice, cherish everything you have because it could be gone the next day. Don’t wait for it to happen before you realize it. Take action before it happens.

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