Essay about The Worst Advice Of The World : Work Smart, Not Hard

Essay about The Worst Advice Of The World : Work Smart, Not Hard

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Rowe, Mike. "The worst advice in the world: work smart, not hard--what a stupid idea that was." Popular Mechanics Sept. 2013: 70+. Student Edition. Web. 22 Mar. 2016.
In this article, Mike Rowe talks about the guidance he was given when he was seventeen years old. His high school guidance counselor put emphasis on the saying of “work smart not hard.” This lead to the aggressive pushing of Universities and because of that trade schools began to decrease and vocational classes began to not be implemented into high school course selections. Everyone who choose not to go to a University were looked at as getting an “alternative education” with apprenticeship programs and community colleges because they were not “college material.” He goes on to say that student loans were over one trillion dollars and the unemployment rate of college graduates was high. The jobs available were the ones no one wanted to do. He connected that the reason why so many “hard working jobs” were available is because how society pushed going to university over learning how to do blue collar work which is desperately needed in the current work force and economy. This expands on the notion of how guidance counselors have heavy influence on the outcome in young adult lives. His argument of changing how we work could influence more young adults to enter into a education system that is not just going to a four year university. He wanted students to challenge the status quo and put emphasis on how “alternative education” can lead to gaining a job when you complete you “alternative education” compared to college graduates from universities.
Green, Micheal I. "The Role of the Professional School Counselor." The Role of the Professional Sc...

... middle of paper ...

...rapeutically and professionally trained to counsel, teach, and organize individual students that seek assistance. They give academic support, parental counseling and support, and individual support to all those who need it. In an interview with another counselor, the other counselor named Pringle says, ”School counselors are in this profession because we want to connect and because we want to help, and help them and make a difference in their lives.” Pannonia notices and observes the complex responsibilities high school guidance counselors have during their day to day interactions. She also points out the argument of how they are more than just course selection helpers and that their job goes psychologically deeper with students that ask for their guidance. Changing the topic of discussion for the deeper understanding of how much a counselor can impact a persons life.

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