Essay about Worship Restrictions: The Ability to Worship a Higher Power

Essay about Worship Restrictions: The Ability to Worship a Higher Power

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Worship Restrictions
The ability to worship a higher power, God, or whatever name that is appropriate for the region, ethnicity or beliefs of the people has always been under fire. It can either play a huge role such as in Islamic countries because it is part of their governmental system or it can play a minor role such as its separation from state affairs in America. This paper probes the perception of religious freedom and the human freedom theories that either justify or oppose them. This particular freedom issue may not seem as weighty as other issues like the right to die or same sex marriage but it does carry a powerful point.
Religious Restrictions in China
China is a Communist country that takes social unification and governmental loyalty extremely serious. Anything seen as a threat to these important components is quickly identified and neutralized. One such threat is the Falun Gong spiritual group which emerged in the 1990s. Interestingly enough around that time China’s Communist government was actually in favor of them (Henkin, 2013). The tide shifted for this spiritual group and they were considered public enemy number one to the Chinese government, specifically the nation’s security and social harmony.
The members of the Falun Gong spiritual group have undergone and continue to suffer torture at the hands of the Chinese government. These tortures include but are not limited to imprisonment, forced renouncement of their faith, or detention centers where torture is common place (Henkin, 2013). There are those who try to stand up for this spiritual group but it is very difficult for them as well. Chinese has made it so that any attorneys that attempt to help the Falun Gong are harassed...

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...point of two different countries China and the United States. China take religion very seriously and any religious group that might pose a threat to the governmental systems is openly attacked and its supporters removed. The United States simply removes landmarks that would be offensive but has not gone to extremes yet.
The freedom concept itself was examined from the standpoints of liberalism and punishment. The United States fell under liberalism, while China punishment. In any case religious freedom is important and will always be a topic of discussion.
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