The Worship And Teachings Of Buddhism Essay

The Worship And Teachings Of Buddhism Essay

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The worship and teachings of Buddhism has a significant impact on individuals and the wider Buddhist community. There are many teachings and practices which guide Buddhist followers to live a moral and ethical life in helping to reaching nirvana, the ultimate goal for all Buddhists. The significant practice of Temple Puja and teachings from Buddhist texts, principles, the XIVth Dalai Lama and the Buddha himself, guide and outline adherents of concerns that may impact upon their path of enlightenment, but also on contemporary issues such as the abortion in the area of bioethics. These concepts which are also reinforced through Buddhaghosa and Dogen, influences how individuals should live and model their life, by avoiding the extremes of denial and indulgence and walking the middle way. It also helps the Buddhist community to gather together in unity and assist one another in reaching enlightenment and nirvana.

The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is a significant person in Buddhism who has had a pivotal role on the lives of individuals and society. His position as within Vajrayana Buddhism, Tibet and as a peace seeker, has allowed for the development of key Buddhist teachings to adapt to a contemporary context. (Carr B, Xuereb D, Claxton C, 2016) His translation of the ‘Tibetan book of the Dead’ has enabled for a greater understanding of the key teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and the tradition in general, providing sources of guidance, understanding and philosophy, linking to the Dharma. His numerous addresses to followers and non-followers, addressing key issues, has allowed for adherents and society to grasp a greater insight and understanding on Buddhism and are able to link the many teachings to their own lives, helping to walk...

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.... . .” as stated by Buddhaghosa. Through great awareness of the Temple Puja, this practice and its forms of worship, develops a better person under the influence of the Buddha, allowing them to discover and find their own path towards enlightenment.

In conclusion, the many buddhist teachings and forms of worship outlined through the Dalai Lama, the achievement of nirvana, self-mediation, Temple Puja and the area of bioethics, have all had significant ramifications on the lives on individuals and the Buddhist community. These aspects of Buddhism help guide and influence how followers of Buddhism should live their life and embeds ways to follow the path of Buddha in his achievement of Nirvana, the end of suffering for individuals and their ultimate goal. Thus such teachings and engaging the practices will help all Buddhists with issues they face wherever possible.

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