Worsening Austin Traffic Prompts Talk Of Toll Swap Essay

Worsening Austin Traffic Prompts Talk Of Toll Swap Essay

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Batheja, Aman. “Worsening Austin Traffic Prompts Talk of Toll Swap.” Texas Tribune, 05 Nov. 2013. Texas Reference Center, BCXJTEX9F9DAFC34324031B. Accessed 24 Oct. 2015.
Since congestion on Interstate 35 is constantly increasing, the Texas Department of Transportation is attempting to switch 35 to a toll road and 130, which is currently a toll road, to a free road in order to move traffic out of Austin. Officials are considering several solutions to relieve congestion on I-35 that include switching parts of road from toll-free to tolled. Not everyone is advocating this change and many are hoping for a better alternative. Interstate 35 will never be traffic free, but by providing other options to reach downtown besides a car, traffic can be alleviated.
This article by Batheja will provide alternative solutions to my proposal as well as support my overall claim that alternative methods to get downtown will help to solve Austin’s traffic issues.
Sterling, Ed. "TxDOT awaits go-ahead signal for gridlock-reducing projects." Burnet Bulletin, vol. 143, no. 9, 03 Feb. 2016, p. 4. Texas Reference Center, 113498432. Accessed 25 Oct. 2016.
The Texas Department of Transportation has reported that drivers in the five largest metro areas in Texas have lost hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars due to traffic. Due to this, TxDOT has plans to spend over a billion dollars on fixing the gridlock in some of Texas’ worst traffic spots. This however, is only the beginning of a statewide plan to solve the congestion on Texas roads. The projects set to occur, are going to add several miles of road in an effort to relieve congestion and shorted Texans’ total travel time.
This newspaper article is going to be instrumental in my research paper, be...

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...dded on to a commuter’s trip in Austin during rush hour, and has determined that Austin is one of the worst cities for traffic in the United States. Although driving is down, traffic is at an all-time high in Texas metro areas and simply building roads will not solve the problem. In order to alleviate any of the traffic, a number or methods of transportation are required which temporarily solve the problem. The real reason that traffic is so heinous in Texas metros, is due to the influx of inhabitants.
This article will be key in my research paper because it points out what Washington D.C. to try and solve their traffic issue. Also, it adds a unique viewpoint because Wear states that the real reason for traffic is not just the infrastructure, rather it is the increasing population. This will add a nay-sayer of sorts to my essay and will help to strengthen my point.

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