Essay on Wormhole Is Best Bet for Time Machine

Essay on Wormhole Is Best Bet for Time Machine

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Time travel, is it possible? For now no, but wormholes could make it a reality. Wormholes are a much unknown part of the universe they have been theorized to be used for time travel based on Einstein’s theory of relativity, which states that any mass curves space time. If they are found to be used for time travel they could cut down the amount of time needed to get to another universe and would create great leaps in science.
Furthermore, wormholes are the key to more advanced space travel and maybe even time travel. But before any of this can happen, the scientific community must study the anatomy and functions of these unique areas in space. The grandfather paradox, the gravity of wormholes and the fact that wormholes are only a shortcut, are just a few theories that will help tell if wormholes are the hidden piece to traveling in time.
Einstein’s theory of relativity is what’s used by scientists as the guide to the universe, and this is the theory that has made the existence of wormholes or Einstein-Rosen bridges possible. In the theory, it states that every mass curves space time, which is the part of the theory that most applies and allows for wormholes to exist, and be functional, maybe even for time travel.
Some may ask if wormholes are just science fiction, or actual things in space. Well the answer is unknown, all that is known is that wormholes are able to exist under the theory of relativity which is the best known blueprint found for our universe. Even though they are able to exist, scientists do not know how they would be made and there is no evidence supporting their existence. Even though wormholes are still a theory many scientists have done work on them including; Stephen Hawking, and Ki...

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...shing Company Ltd.
3. Death by Black Hole and Other Cosmic Quandaries
By: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Published: 2007. W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.
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