World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee Essay

World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee Essay

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World Wide Web
The World Wide Web is often confused with the Internet but the Internet and the World Wide Web are not precisely the same thing. The hardware and software infrastructure of the Internet provides a global communications system between computers. The Web is one of the services which is a network of interconnected documents connected by hyperlinks and URLs that is communicated over the Internet. The Internet started in the 1950s, when the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) started looking to ways to address survivability of defense communication networks in the event of a nuclear attack. The result was ARPANET, a defense-oriented computer network system. By the 1980s, the network had expanded to include not only military communication but scientific data-sharing by academic institutions that had been added to the network because of their defense-related research. Eventually, the two aspects of the network were split for security reasons, with the military part becoming MILNET, still under the Defense Department, and the civilian part becoming NSFNET, under the National Science Foundation. NSFNET was eventually opened to commercial use and to linkages with other developing networks around the world.
Tim Berners-Lee is considered the father of the World Wide Web (WWW). While working at European Particle Physics Laboratory (CERN) he started a project called ENQUIRE. ENQUIRE made it possible to create typed links between different nodes of information within a single file and across file-boundaries in a file system. (Freie Universität Berlin) With ENQUIRE employees at CERN were able to communicate and share documents with each other. Based on his work with ENQUIRE, Berners-Lee was able to develop the Hype...

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...such as images that change when you put your mouse over it.It can be considered can think of JavaScript as a set of programs required to run a particular application. Turning JavaScript on and off lets you view the web page with more or fewer facilities. In some cases it is possible that without JavaScript you cannot view certain aspects of the webpage, though it might not be absolutely necessary.

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