The World Wide Web Information And Knowledge Essay

The World Wide Web Information And Knowledge Essay

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Whether we are engaging in conversation, reading a book, or researching on the World wide web information and knowledge is transferring between various channels. In the process, people exchange ideas, opinions, and find solutions to problems through various forms of communication. However, what does the word communication involve? According to the Oxford English dictionary (OED) (2014), "communication" is definable by "[t]he action of sharing in something [,] mutual participation or ownership ("communication. n" def.3b). As teachers, communication functions as an entity unto its own, a device, of sorts, in constant movement that allows information to pass from the instructor to the student. Traditionally, teachers achieve this transfer of information with the use of a textbook. Nevertheless, such a tripartite between teacher, student, and textbook is a somewhat antiquated form of conveying information. In our current era, literacy is no longer isolated to the reading of textbooks alone; rather, literacy extends to include the development of appraisal skills in an attempt to teach students how to be universally literate. Students not only require instructors to convey knowledge, but they also need teachers to convey explicit strategies involved with discerning multiple forms of text. By providing students with the skills to acquire knowledge effectively, teachers inadvertently endow students with the ability to enjoy reading. Reflecting on my journal entries and on the class as a whole, I find the primary elements contributing to student literacy and comprehension include, the ability to analyse information critically, possessing inquiry skills, and having an instructor who is capable of motivating students towards the shared goal ...

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...urnal entry 10, p.6).
In effect, comprehension works in tandem to communication and as a teacher one must show students how to be effective communicators, which is learned through the comprehension and literacy. Essentially, my journal entries uncovered three core elements relating to comprehension, motivation, explicit direction, and inquiry skills. Motivation relates to the content being meaningful, which is achieved through the recognition of diversity and providing autonomy. Explicit direction provides students with scaffolding from the teacher to participate in discussions in which s/he can navigate one 's own feelings relating to a narrative. Finally, inquire skills are the essence of critical thinking, which is inevitably, "the primary goal—to help students develop a sense of independence through the process of critical thinking" (Journal entry 10, p.6-7).

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