World Wars Had A Great Impact On Writers And The Stories They Wrote For American Literature

World Wars Had A Great Impact On Writers And The Stories They Wrote For American Literature

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Both World Wars had a great impact on writers and the stories they wrote for American Literature. The stories changed and took a different approach after the war and new characters were created. In some cases, old characters were recreated and made to fit the new values and beliefs. With each passing of a war, writers wanted to create a new style of writing that would answer public concern. World War I began in 1914 and lasted till 1945, which had the biggest shift in thinking. This war introduced Modernism and was known as the age of reason and logic. On the other hand, World War II began in 1945 and introduced Post Modernism in literature. America had not seen a war like this before and several cultures were brought together. In order to compare both wars, it is important to look at the concerns of the public and the author’s response.
World War I was known as the boy’s war because young college men mainly fought. During this period, the concern was experimentation and creating a new style of writing. Writers realized that the world was spinning out of control and they had to find a way to impose order. This would be the best way to impose meaning and give the public a feeling of reassurance. A few characteristics of Modernist writing is the experimentation of form, criticizing industrialism, questioning Christianity, and characters who experience alienation, defeat, and detachment. Further, technique improved because an interest in language grew. Bigger words were being used and larger concepts were being explored, which brought about the rise of ambiguity. Two authors that represent Modernist writing would be Ezra Pound and Ernest Hemingway.
Ezra Pound is considered a modern poet and a leader in the imagist movement. Pound...

... middle of paper ... writing, he addresses the concept of not knowing what will happen next and that can make the audience uneasy. After World War II, postmodernism took over and created uncertainty because it questioned every concept in place.
Both World Wars brought change to American Literature because each writer wanted to address public concern. The First World War brought the war identity and wanting to establish order, using reason and logic. However, the Second World War blurred all the genres that were in place. The previous authors took their own experience and addressed the world around them. The wars led to wins, new identities, and sometimes death. The only response was creating characters that go through the same dilemmas and this gave the audience an intellectual escape. Both World Wars created a new form of expression and a new system to discover order and reality.

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