Essay on World War One Was a Senseless War

Essay on World War One Was a Senseless War

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World War One Was a Senseless War

World War One was the first major war that was fought in mainly in Europe, and parts of Asia. The war lasted from July 28th, 1914 to November 11th, 1928. There were over a hundred nations involved not only from Europe, but from Asia, Africa, Central America, North America and many Island nations. There were millions of casualties fighting in slow moving trench warfare , and many battles were also fought at sea.
There are many reason why the world plunged into its first world war. There were over a half a dozen mutual protection pacts that forced other countries to enter the war. The fact that countries were in an arms race well before the war is a leading cause. Also Imperialism led to war because European countries had territories in Africa and A...

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