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The World War Of Japan Essay

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In the year 1945 the global theater saw the Second World War come to an end. Germany surrendered in May, and the Allies began to focus on laying siege to Japan. By June the Untied States army forced them back to their native island, yet the Japanese kept fighting despite their hopeless situation. On August 6 an American atom bomb codenamed “Little Boy” was dropped on Hiroshima, and three days later “Fat Man” was dropped on Nagasaki. The official purpose of these bombs was to minimize casualties, yet there is more evidence that implies other motives. The choice of Japan as a target, the secrecy behind the project and its selective participants, and the timing of when the bombs were dropped suggest that America was aiming to achieve international control over nuclear weapons.
Upon a first glance it seemed using an atom bomb on Japan, which was already on the verge of surrender, was not the most humane way to end the war. This placed America in the position of deciding what should be done about maintain a positive public image while staying ahead in nuclear manufacturing. The first point of debate within the U.S. government about whether using an atom bomb during wartime was practical. They wanted to avoid unnecessary casualties, which meant Japanese civilians as well as American soldiers. Scientist Arthur Compton argued that using a bomb on Japan would only create a bad global image of America and suggested that the bomb be detonated in a deserted area to scare the Japanese into surrender1. However, there was a counter argument that the demonstration would preempt shock value, take away the advantage of a surprise attack and give the Japanese an opportunity to prepare. Although there was a short-term concern, the need for internati...

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...ubled as an acknowledgement of the coming Cold War, and a statement that they were ready. The secrecy of the project was essential for the United States to stay in the forefront of nuclear technology, because if they shared their knowledge with other countries they would lose their only advantage. Timing the bomb strike in parallel with Russian entry was a way of showing good faith toward American Allies, so it would seem as if they were cooperating in the war effort. This brilliant long-term strategy was seen as essential as soon as it was clear that there was no turning back from the discovery of nuclear warfare. American scientists, presidents, and military officers all recognized the dangerous potential of possessing atom bombs before they were even used in war. It is because of foresight such as that, that nuclear bombs are treated with diplomatic caution today.

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