The World War II ( Wwii ) Essay

The World War II ( Wwii ) Essay

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In Winston Churchill’s “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat,” Churchill addresses the House of Commons by introducing a new form government which is to help promote the unification of Great Britain and give Britain hope toward a victory against Germany. This speech, given on May 13, 1940, discusses that Germany has invaded Holland and Norway which marks the beginning of the battle between Britain (a member of the Allied Powers) and Germany (a member of the Axis Powers) during World War II (WWII). Churchill demonstrates an understanding of the importance he represents to the British government through his aim to unify and use the strength of Britain against Germany by using an emotional, repetitive, person-directed, rhetoric and persuasive word choice.
Similarly, the importance of him being the leader to emphasize the unity of Britain is because he has been a well liked political figure in regard to the British government prior to becoming Prime Minister when he delivers his “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” speech. Therefore, as Prime Minister, Winston Churchill gives this speech to give hope and reassurance to the people of Britain as they go to war with Germany. The reassurance he provides is that he will lead Britain from the brink of non-existence (i.e., the existence of ‘no survival’) to victory. In continuation, Churchill uses repetition to express the importance of the unification of strength, victory, and the survival of Britain in World War II.
Firstly, the frequent mention of the unification of Britain and its people is important as the opening goal of the speech. This repetition signifies Churchill 's goals as Prime Minister. Plus, as the unification further mentions those person’s of opposing parties and those supporting the...

... middle of paper ...

...riod of time, is to express the urgency of the situation at hand (i.e., war). War, which is also constantly mentioned, gives reason for all parties, whether “Opposition Liberals or supporters of the late government” to unify to endure hardship. Hardship is not only expressed as the title on the speech, “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat,” but stated within the speech that Churchill has “nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat” which describes the loss of soldiers in war, the hardships in mobilizing for war, and the labor and effort put into the war. However, the speech counteracts the negativity of hardship by promising a positive outcome (i.e., victory). Hence, the leadership that Winston Churchill presents in his “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” speech is what made Winston Churchill’s career a significant one he fills the role of leadership in Britain in WWII.

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