World War II : The United States And On The American Home Front Essay

World War II : The United States And On The American Home Front Essay

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“World War II was an enormous conflict that had great impact on the global role of the United States and on the American home front.” (Jeffries, 2009). World War II was caused by leaders, presidency, and isolation. World War II was fought between two main powers: the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers. Not only was World War II hard on the American front but it was also hard on many other fronts. There are many questions that are often asked about World War II. Many of these questions include: “Did President Franklin Roosevelt know about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor beforehand and welcome it as a “back door” to war?”, “Why did the United States use the atomic bomb in August 1945?”, “Did the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki end the war and prevent an invasion of Japan that would have cost up to a million American dead?”, and “Was the two-pronged American campaign in the World War II Pacific theater by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy the wisest course of action?”(Jeffries, 2009). In this paper all of these questions will be answered based on the view of Jeffries. The importance and how the leaders, presidency, and isolation of the war and how these things affected the war will also be covered.
World War II took place from 1939 to 1945. When the war had first started the U.S. was not involved. The U.S. was provoked to enter the war when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The U.S. had had a long history of neutrality since the 1793 Proclamation of Neutrality was adopted when George Washington was president (Bodenner, 2007). The president through most of the war was Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is said that Roosevelt knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor and used it as a way for the U.S. to enter the war (Jeffries, 2009).

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...any that that was the reason the bombs were dropped but scholars have said that there could have been a different way to invade Japan. “Was the two-pronged American campaign in the World War II Pacific theater by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy the wisest course of action?” It may not have been but it worked (Jeffries, 2009).
The purpose of this paper is to see how the leaders, presidents, and isolation of World War II made the war the way it was. World War II was probably the worst war for losing loved ones. Just during the attack on Pearl Harbor there were 2,000 Americans killed (Bodenner, 2007). Japan and Germany dictators/presidents were the main reasons the U.S. got involved in the war (Bodenner, 2007). Although there are many other things that made the war the way it was, the powerful leaders, presidents, and isolation of the war had a large effect on the war.

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