World War II Or The Gallic Wars During The Time Of War Essay

World War II Or The Gallic Wars During The Time Of War Essay

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Any human society or civilization which comes into existence as a result of military victory takes part in exercises and acts that when assessed and looked into by the ethicists of modern times, might be considered genocide in modern definition. However, with this an important question arises, did these civilizations and societies considered these acts of war and genocides as a good things or contradicted to it, like the present time? It is observed that with the passing year, people have become peace-lovers more, rather than having an opinion that war is the solution to every problem. But history says something else. There were more days of war rather than days of peace when one looks into the history, whether it is World War II or the Gallic Wars during the time of Julius Caesar, we see societies fighting on lands, crowns, money and political power. But, with the development of political frameworks and structures, settlement treaties came into existence which allowed the battling countries to come to a mutual agreement and end the war for the better good. Therefore, keeping in mind the history of wars and what events take place during war time, this article will focus, ‘Julius Caesar, Gallic Wars’ and compare it with ‘The Winds Of War’ (a book which focuses on the events of World War II).

The structure of the depiction of Alesia’s siege outlines the methods and strategies of Caesar, portrayed quite nicely in the book. On the off chance that one is to trust him, the result of the war then relied upon one single attack. This may have been right, yet the way that the war existed for two more years recommends that things may have been more entangled. The result of the attack was decided in only a single day, as per Caesar. Amid tha...

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... of the books are dedicated to the traditions of the people of Germany, and further the reader discovers in 6.29 that the Suebians, enemies of Caesar, had withdrawn, so that the armies might return.
So the conclusion is Cicero, a Roman philosopher might have appreciated the expressive and stylistic capabilities of Caesar, however when he thinks about the Gallic War to a work of history, he just demonstrates that he is a casualty of Caesar 's unrivaled artistic aptitudes. The book is an instrument to impact popular sentiment at home. Had it been a background marked by the success of Gaul, the book would at any rate have contained a clarification about the reasons for the contention, yet Caesar never discloses why he went to war by any means. In any case, despite the fact that biasness of Caesar is obvious, this doesn 't imply that the work has no worth by any means.

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