Essay about World War II : Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

Essay about World War II : Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

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World War II: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
The United States was in the process of rebuilding the economy and the trust of the average American in the “American Dream” after the great depression. Franklin Roosevelt and his “New Deal” set the path for prosperity and transformation. The United States was still dealing with equal rights for minorities and women. World War II changed the United States mindset towards civil rights and gave a new perspective on civil liberty rights in regards to national security.
World War II was the catalyst that really set the stage for the civil rights movement success. During the war more African American Soldiers served in the armed forces than ever before and they were given the GI Bill to use when they left the military service. Although most African Americans served in segregated units there were still some highly trained soldiers that learned valuable skills that would serve them well when they returned from the war. The Tuskegee Airmen are an example of one such unit. Their success was also an example of how integral African American Soldiers were to the military and society as a whole. For the first time ever African American Soldiers were allowed to become officers in the military. During the war millions of military aged men volunteered for service or were drafted. This created a need for new workers to fill the vacated positions as well as the millions of new jobs that were formed to support the war effort (2 p.128). Many African Americans moved from the south to the north and west to fill positions that were not available to them prior. With the higher population of African Americans working, the membership of the National Association for the Advancement of Colo...

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...pping of the spread of communism around the globe that threatened American interests. The National Security Council issued NSC-68 that “painted a graphic picture of a fanatically expansionist USSR bent on world domination” and demonstrated a willingness and a need to consider radical options to combat communism. Fear of communism led to the founding of the House committee on Un-American Activities that was responsible for searching for communists and conspiracies within the United Sates. The policies that the United States adopted to deter communist infiltration were successful and warranted against the real threats. However, people like John E. Rankin, a known anti-Semitic, wrongly used his position to attack liberal causes, Jews and he “breed that the link in American culture between perceived cultural, racial, or religious differences and communism.” (1 p.877)

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