The World War II At A Young Age Essay

The World War II At A Young Age Essay

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Lourdes is a eighty-five year old Filipina woman who was born and raised in Iloilo, which is a province of the Phillipines. She is a former elementary school teacher who experienced firsthand the events of World War II at a young age. Lourdes has four kids, two boys and two girls, who are all in middle adulthood. She has been married to her husband Cesar for fifty-four years. Her family as a whole gets along relatively well despite unresolved problems between a few individuals. Lourdes came to the United States in 1995 to help raise her grandchildren and has lived in San Dimas for the majority of the time. Her main support system mainly consists of her husband Cesar, all four of her children, and her favorite grandson Jason. Lourdes remains physically active as she strives to live a full and healthy life. Her main concerns and problems are family specific. Her coping strategies often involve a variety of activities such as: watching movies on Netflix, taking care of her garden, and also playing Mahjong with her friends.
I interviewed her, asked her questions, face to face as we sat in her living room for the entire interview. Physically, as a result of her old age she has many ailments. Her list of ailments include hypertension which is also known as high blood pressure and is common for older people, blurred vision, ear irritation, and stomach problems such as loose bowel movement. She also has the common outward signs of aging such graying hair, wrinkled skin, and has become noticeably shorter when compared to her older pictures. When compared to most individuals who are also in late adulthood Lourdes is extremely active, despite her many ailments. She continues to take the advice of her doctor and exercises daily. I have obs...

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...evelopment. So she focuses all of her energy towards her personal matters, which are mainly her family and friends.
The first open question asked was “Are there any dreams left that you want to fufill”. Her answer was that her last dream is for the members within her family, who are not on good terms, to reconcile with each other so that she may be at peace. Personally as a young adult, this shows me how important it is to have a strong support group around you. The second open question askes was “What do you enjoy most in your latter years”. Lourdes’s answer was that she genuinly enjoys just being around her family and that it is hard because everyone lives so far away from each other. Her answer brings into question how much time I spend away from the people I care about. I should actively set aside more time to spend personally with the people who matter to me.

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