Essay about World War II And The Cold War

Essay about World War II And The Cold War

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During World War II and the Cold War America used the policy of containment. However our "containment" policy and actions deferring from the policy were not always justifiable. And although there were moral, philosophical, and political instances where it was justified, not all of our actions were.
For moral reasons containment was mostly justified. Communism made its people live in poverty and many times hunger, with no say in anything political. American people saw it as something that we must rid of from the face of the earth, and in getting rid of Communism all of these other problems would also disappear with it. And this would have been a great thing, had it worked. We also saw that since Democracy works so well for us that everyone should have it. However, most of the countries we tried to help had completely different economic systems, and were in the entire other side of the world. With both of these comes different trading partners than we have, a different range of good prices, and a different variety of what they sell. In Industrial America, we made very good quality necessities, and luxuries that our trading partners are able to afford, in addition to farm goods. These combined made our Democratic system work because different countries buy different things, so we still make money off of it by selling it somehow. Therefore we are profitable from the Democracy system. But if a country has trading partners that are not as rich, and perhaps has an economic build that sells less profitable items; democracy isn 't going to work so great for them. We didn 't seem to get this. Not only this, but we had just fought a giant World War. Many countries were in deep debt, and had been running off of something other than Democra...

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...t is justified from their point of view, there was also the possibility of not even entering a war had we used isolationism instead. Because using the containment plan, we put American lives in danger in order to potentially save lives at a later time. And although that is what we put our soldiers through every day, I think that in this situation we could have found a better way and should have been more willing to compromise instead of planning for a war.
As with everything in politics, this decision held some controversy, and was not fully justifiable from every single angle. Although they did the best that they could work with at the time, it started a basis of America intervening into everyone 's business now. The containment plan may have been a good idea, but some of the action that derived were unjustifiable, and just happened to become the well known ones.

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