World War II And The Cold War Essay

World War II And The Cold War Essay

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The first half of the 20th century truly depicted a “West in Crisis.” These first fifty years represented a tumultuous time that transformed the continent and peoples of Europe. The events and actions took place during this time led to creating a “modern” Europe. The decade 1940-1950, in my opinion, was the most significant in creating a “modern” Europe (beginning with World War II in 1940 and ending with the Cold War in 1950), because the events and consequences of World War II, the Holocaust, and the Cold War contributed greatly to how Europe looks and acts today.
World War Two was without a doubt a massive, global “total war.” By the early 1940s, WWII was coming to its climax. In 1943, the leaders of the U.S., Britain, and Russia would meet in Tehran to form an alliance to fight off Japan, Italy, and Germany. The allies would manage to turn the tide and their string of success would lead to the famous D-Day Invasion of Normandy on June 6th, 1944. At this point, the war was reaching its end and so the allies met at Yalta in 1945 to decide the ending course of the war.
It was here that the allies divided up Germany and Berlin for the foreseeable future. By April 1945, Italy was defeated and Mussolini hanged. The following month would see Germany defeated, Hitler committing suicide, and Victory in Europe would be declared. Following victory in Europe, the march to see victory in Japan would lead to atomic bomb testing and the Potsdam Conference. At the Potsdam Conference (1945), the allied powers met to agree on an unconditional surrender from Japan. The bombs were dropped on Japan in early August 1945 and by one week later, Victory was achieved in Japan.
The end of WWII saw the path of decolonization. After WWII led to the for...

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...1917-1927 (beginning in 1917 with the 1917 Russian Revolutions and ending in 1927 with the tail end of the Depression) and 1929-1939 (beginning in 1929 with the rise of Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy and ending in 1939 with the Invasion of Poland and the start of WWII). The reason why I don’t think either of these two decades were the most important was because either decade only act as the building blocks while 1940-1950 is the wrecking ball of those building blocks.
The impact 1940-1950 had on the world would be the most critical decade of the first half of the 20th century. This decade was most significant in creating a “modern” Europe. Europe today can be traced by to the events that occurred from 1940 to 1950. World War II, the Holocaust, and the Cold War- all of which occurred during this decade and would change the way we look at the world forever.

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