Essay on The World War II And The Beginning Of The Cold War

Essay on The World War II And The Beginning Of The Cold War

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Sovereignty is the power of self-rule, self-determination, freedom, and can belong during and after World War II, the United States struggled to unify under Cold War fears, political unrest, and international pressure. Sovereignty acts as a tool of both unity and disunity as the United States attempts to navigate suburbanization, foreign policy, race, generational differences, and shifting political ideologies while establishing itself as a world power.
During World War II and the beginning of the Cold War social unrest plagued American citizens as fear for the future in an atomic age resided in the minds of many. The making of suburban dreams included privacy, older views of modernity and exclusivity. This push for privatization influenced the creation of the Federal Aid Highway Act and the suburbanization of many white, middle class families. This “white flight” caused industrial cities to crumble and undermined urban culture established during the earlier Gilded Age. All of these events stem from a white middle class family-centered sovereignty and the right to containment through the unification of work, family, and social norms. However, suburbanization and resulting policies like redlining further divided Americans by race and class at a time when the United States began to institute itself as a superpower.
American’s foreign policy following World War II was a race against communism and the subsequent fear of decolonization and newly established nationhood. Subsequent involvement in Africa, Korea and eventually Vietnam created tensions with anticolonial activists and ultimately the American people as the rules of sovereignty were challenged. However, these actions supplemented the international political power of the U...

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...s race and class and age with an emphasis on discipline to atone for the revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s. The concern for the very sovereignty of the United States as a whole and in fear of the deterioration of American values, the new Right pushed back against plurality and a constrictive government hold on markets. Reagan’s policies promoted economic growth and his crack down on disunity brought the United States the rebound it needed after a series of tumultuous decades.
The effect of sovereignty on suburbanization, foreign policy, race, generational differences, and shifting political ideologies helped to establish the United States as an impending world power. This force at times created tensions between amongst citizens and their government while also working to create a more unified society as the United States transitioned to its status as a superpower.

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