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World War I was an event in the United States that changed the lives of Americans socially, politically, and economically. Socially, World War 1 had a great impact on American families and children. Economically, the United States gained superior power in the industrialization world. Politically, America stayed out of disputes and affairs in the world, especially Europe, at the same time the women’s movement progressed. World War I affected America in every aspect of life and was felt even after the war ended.
World War I began in 1914 and ended in 1918, World War I was called, The Great War of the War to End All Wars. The economy of United States was in a recession when World War I began. The war was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Franz Fernidad of Austria and his pregnant wife Sophie. The main cause of World War I was the differences of foreign policies with the world major powers. The United States joined the war in April 6, 1917 after 128 American soldiers were killed by a German submarine. Although, President Wilson wanted to remain neutral and wanted a peaceful war, President Wilson declared to enter the war to restore the peace in Europe. There was more than 15 million people who were killed in this war. World War I affected many aspects of American lives.
World War 1 had a great impact on American families and children. With men away at war women had to take responsibility of supporting their families and not giving up. For example, women were working in the industry factories doing job that men once performed. Women were working in the factories and yet would still get paid less than men would. Women would also volunteer their time selling the victory and liberty bonds to finance the war. Old...

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...ted American lives in every aspect of life.

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