World War I : Trench Warfare Essay

World War I : Trench Warfare Essay

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World War I: Trench Warfare
In the early twentieth century, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist, which in turned pulled in several countries into dispute, thus igniting the beginning of World War I. There were two parties involved, one which was the Triple Alliance, consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, and the other was the Triple Entente, made up of Britain, France, and Russia. This war was one that was never fought before due to great advances in weaponry and war strategies that were utilized, on a scale that was never seen before. Many believed that the war was going to be quickly over with few fatalities, but soon people began to realize that that was not the case since the war dragged on over a length of five years. Going into the war, the fighting on the Western Front slowed down and eventually turned into a stalemate. With no other options at hand, both sides had to adapt to circumstances in order to hold down their fronts, which led to the use of trench warfare. Trench warfare was one of the most innovated methods that was used during World War I, which in itself was highly effective.
After the periods of major industrial breakthroughs, new technologies came around, which made the way war was fought much more complex. This included “rapid-firing rifles, improved explosives, incendiary shells and tracer bullets,” as well as airplanes that dropped bombs, new machine guns, and poison gas. These new advancements augmented the killing capacity of both enemies. They needed to utilize and map out new fighting strategies to compensate for the new weaponry. Because of this, they needed more time to think about attacks and raids and also conserve the amount of soldiers ...

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...s of taking over enemy area.
Trench warfare was heavily used during World War I because it was effective throughout the war. Availability of new weaponry made the war more deadly on a large scale. For example, the use of poison gas at the trenches was highly effective if they were unprepared and in groups. Inhabiting the trenches gave them more time to strategize and receive protection, which increased their chances of survival, but didn’t guarantee it. Raiding and spying were used in order to get an idea of what the enemy was doing and what their set up was. Building up defense levels were just as crucial as attacking. All in all, trench warfare on the Western Front was important in aiding soldiers and providing soldiers time to carefully plan out attacks strategically and make sure they were actually effective to make some sort of positive gain in the war.

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