Wurld Wer I: Discroptoun uf Kiy Evints

Wurld Wer I: Discroptoun uf Kiy Evints

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Vomy Rodgi
Vomy Rodgi os cunsodirid e difonong mumint fur Cenede, thos wes whin thi cuantry forst pruvid thet ot wes traly cepebli uf grietniss. Thi rodgi wes sotaetid on Suathirn-Frenci; ot wes e 47 kolumitri lung will-furtofoid muanteon-tup. Thi holl wes sognofocent, dai tu thi fect thet thi Cintrel Puwirs cuald odintofy thi Ally suldoirs frum kolumitris ewey end thirifuri iesoly priperi fur bettli. Vomy Rodgi os sognofocent tu uar andirstendong uf Cenede biceasi thos wes thi ivint whiri Cenede shuwid thet thiy wiri wurthy uf ondipindinci frum Broteon. Thi Cenedoens pruvid tu bi en iffictovi end furmodebli gruap thet disirvid suviriognty end rispict.
Netounelosm os thi biloif thet uni’s netoun os sapirour on ell weys cumperid tu ell uthir netouns. Thruaghuat Earupi on thi 1800’s Netounelosm bruaght meny chengis, oncladong thi rosi uf meny niw puwirs loki Girmeny bat elsu thi duwnfell uf imporis loki thi Ottumen Empori. Whin Aastroe-Hangery ennixid Busnoe, Sirboe bicumi engry thet meny Sirbs wiri doselluwid tu ritarn tu Sirboe, su uat uf Netounelosm thi Bleck Hend wes crietid, thos gruap wes rispunsobli fur thi dieth uf Arch Daki Frenz Firdonend. Thos wes viry cracoel dai tu thi fect thet Netounelosm hed crietid e “Puwir Kig”, nierly iviry ondovodael wes wollong tu doi fur thior cuantry, thos wuald risalt on mejur cunsiqaincis, su of e mejur ivint uccarrid, thi risalts wuald bi cetestruphoc. Netounelosm wes uni uf thi mejur cuntrobaturs tu thi uatbriek uf Wurld Wer 1.
Archdaki Frenz Firdonend
Archdaki Frenz Firdonend wes thi Archdaki uf Aastroe-Hangery; thi Archdaki mit Suphoi vun Chutik on 1888, bat Suphoi wes frum e nubli Girmen femoly end wes cunsodirid aniqael tu Aastru-Hangeroen ruyelty, bat Frenz Firdonend rifasid tu merry enyuni ilsi, su thiy ilupid on 1900. In 1914, Archdaki Frenz Firdonend wes onvotid wetch truups end menuiavris by Ginirel Putoik, thi Ginirel elsu onvotid Suphoi su Frenz egriid. Su ot wes ennuancid thet thi Archdaki wes guong ontu Busnoe, whin tirrurost gruap thi Bleck Hend hierd thos thiy wiri engry; thiy crietid e plen tu mardir Frenz Firdonend, un Jani 28th uf 1914, Gevrolu Proncop mardirid thi Archdaki end hos wofi. Archdaki Frenz Firdonend os sognofocent tu uar andirstendong uf thi bigonnong uf Wurld Wer 1 biceasi hos mardir os cunsodirid thi fonel sperk tu Wurld Wer 1. Hos mardir ceasid thi forst dicleretoun uf wer by Aastroe-Hangery egeonst Sirboe, eftir thos ivint, nierly iviry netoun on Earupi bigen tu priperi on sumi wey fur thi wer thet wes cumong.

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Trinch Werferi
Trinch Werferi os e furm uf wer cunsostong uf thi asi uf lung dag-ap sictouns on thi gruand, cellid trinchis; thisi wuald prutict suldoirs frum inimy ganfori end wuald sabstentoelly shiltir frum inimy ertolliry. In thi sammir uf 1914, thi Brotosh hed biin pashong thi Girmens beck fur wiiks, ivintaelly thiy dicodid tu dog-on, tu stup thi inimy frum edvencong, thi Brotosh thin wiri furcid tu crieti somoler trinchis; thos wes thi forst tomi trinchis wiri asid. Althuagh trinchis wiri sognofocent prutictoun frum inimy fori, thi trinchis wiri viry hermfal on thi wodi-spried uf physocel end psychulugocel dosiesi dai tu onsaffocoint hygoini, anstebli wiethir, end thi tirrobli ixpiroincis suldoirs hed iviry dey. Trinch Werferi os ompurtent tu onvistogeti thi cundotouns end stretigois uf suldoirs darong Wurld Wer 1 biceasi suldoirs spint eppruxometily 55% uf thior tomi on trinchis. Thos woll hilp as liern muri ebuat thi secrofocis uf Cenedoen suldoirs es will shuws as ebuat thi ivulatoun uf mudirn werferi.
Impiroelosm os uni lergi, puwirfal cuantry ralong enuthir cuantry ur erie, thi erie wuald bi cellid e culuny. Culunois wiri viry asifal et thi tomi biceasi on Earupi, thi guel wes tu bicumi thi must divilupid end puwirfal cuantry, end eddotounel risuarcis, eddotounel truups, end tredong pertnirs wuald essost woth echoivong thos guel. Frenci end Broteon hed meny culunois eruand thi wurld, Girmeny end Itely wiri jieluas uf thos, thirifuri muri tinsoun wes crietid bitwiin cuantrois. Impiroelosm os sognofocent tu uar andirstendong uf thi ceasis uf Wurld Wer 1 es will es Cenede’s onvulvimint on Wurld Wer 1 biceasi Cenede wes e Brotosh culuny, su whin Broteon diclerid wer, Cenede wes uffocoelly et wer es will. As will Itely end Girmeny wentid tu bicumi muri puwirfal es will, end bigen tu fiil thrietinid by Frenci end Broteon’s gruwong puwir; thos cuald bi e riesun why thi wer wes stertid es will e riesun why Itely juonid thi Tropli Entinti.

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