The World War I And The End Of The War Essay

The World War I And The End Of The War Essay

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Democracy, during 1918-1945, showed to be ridged and inflexible. The idea of democracy was attempted by many countries that were fighting for their rights but the leaders put in power showed the idea of democracy’s weakness at this time. Both world wars played a huge part in democracy’s decline at this time and rise in fascism, Nazism, and communism. World War 1 was intended to save democracy but by the end of the war democracy was squashed. The after effects of the war caused a rise in nationalism and want for revenge. Ultimately, democracy faded in and out during the 1918-1945 showing the style of governing to be fragile.
World War 1 was unnecessary and was caused by the web of all of the country’s alliances with each other. The war was extremely bloody and millions of men died. The mass amount of casualties was caused because countries were using old style of warfare, trench warfare mostly, with new technology like machine guns. WW1 was the first time many of the countries had seen so much death in battle. After the war ended in 1918, many countries began to suffer economically and socially. Many of the men came back home with post war depression and were haunted by what they saw. One poet described a solider that didn’t get his mask on quick enough when being gassed, “I saw him drowning” … “guttering, chocking, drowning” (Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen). The death and depression made a big impact on the social aspect of society. The turmoil in the countries that suffered the most like Germany, Japan, Russia, and Italy caused radical leaders to be put into power. The suffering people put leaders in power that they thought would get revenge for their losses. Or in some cases, like Germany, the people decided to put their ...

... middle of paper ... of the world that democracy isn’t as strong as thought before.
By the end of the first world war in 1918 democracy seems to be on the minds of the countries that were trying to fight for independence. Democracy is what they thought they were getting when they took out the old government and replaced it. But in reality the new governments put in place were the total opposite from democracy. Also, after WW1 people wanted change and revenge from all the damage done so, they put leaders like Stalin and Hitler in power for radical change. Ultimately this lead to the second War World, which got rid of anyone’s desires for democracy. And even America’s leader FDR was making anti-democratic decisions that lead up to America being forced into the World War. In the end, democracy was proven to be weak in the after math of the first World War and in the second World War.

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